Medeco Aircraft Keys


We are your service center for Medeco cylinders and aircraft keys for Hawker Beechcraft, Dassault, and other fine aircraft.

  • Rekey, repair, and replacement of access panel cylinders.
  • Rekey and repair of OEM cabin door cylinders.
  • Medeco keys. (All keys shipped within 24 hours!)

Key Code Formats

  • XA followed by 3 digits: XA123
  • XH preceded by 3 digits: 123XH
  • SJ followed by 7 digits: SJ1234567
  • SH followed by 7 digits: SH1234567

Please FAX your order to 770-455-8080

Your purchase order should include:

  • Name and phone number
  • Shipping and billing information
  • Make and model of aircraft
  • Aircraft serial number and registration
  • Description of work requested
  • Key Code number (If no code available, please send us a sample key, we will decode and return it overnight.)
  • Quantity of keys request

Please note that cabin door cylinder 25FC8205 is an OEM product that must be ordered from RAPID.