Medeco Small Format Interchangeable Core

Medeco Small Format Core

Medeco X4 Small Format Interchangeable Cores (SFIC) provide utility patented key control for applications that don't require a UL listed cylinder. Designed to allow the user to instantaneously remove and replace cores through the use of a control key, Medeco X4 cores provide the ultimate in convenience.

Medeco X4 is well suited for facilities with high turnover of employees, such as fast food restaurants, convenience stores, and other similar businesses. Medeco X4 is also suitable for apartments, office buildings, schools, and hospitals where strict control over key duplication is required.

Patented Key Control

Protects against unauthorized duplication of  your keys. 

Uses Existing Hardware

Medeco X4 is available in a large selection of retrofit cylinder formats that can all be keyed into a single system.  

Quickly Change Cores

Medeco X4 SFIC provides quick and easy cylinder changes in the event keys are lost or stolen. 

Can Be Master Keyed

Available in Small Format Interchangeable Cores (SFIC) and other retrofit cylinder formats which can be master keyed together, eliminating the need to replace your existing hardware.