Medeco Rim Cylinders

Medeco Rim Cylinder

Medeco rim cylinders are used with auxiliary rim locks such as: surface mounted deadbolts, night latches, panic devices and jimmyproof locks (also know as vertical dropbolts or interlocking deadbolts). Rim cylinders are held in place with a back plate and two mounting screws.

Patented Key Control

 Protects against unauthorized duplication of your keys. 

Uses Existing Hardware

 Cylinders can be installed in existing rim devices and locks.

Can Be Master Keyed

Medeco rim cylinders can be master keyed as a new system or be incorporated into a system containing Medeco Original, Medeco Biaxial, Keymark, Medeco X4, or Medeco³ locks. 

Protection From Physical Attack

Medeco Original, Medeco Biaxial, and Medeco³ cylinders are UL 437 listed and stand up to drilling, picking and other forms of physical attack. 

Special Angle Cut Keys

Requires a special key cutting machine and access to Medeco specific blanks, available in a variety of restrictions to support every need.